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Wyoming HVAC Certification

Wyoming is home to a number of beautiful sights and locations. Among them is the Yellowstone National Park. However, in spite of the beautiful sights to see, it can get quite hot or cold during the winter and summer season. It is for this reason why a lot of residents and buildings seek the services of HVAC technicians for their HVAC systems. This leads to an ever growing HVAC industry in the state, and so many people ask what the Wyoming HVAC certification requirements are.


Wyoming HVAC Certification and Licensing Requirements

There are no Wyoming HVAC certification and licensing requirements in the state. However, some localities may have their own set of rules and requirements. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to check your local office first.

Cities such as Casper, Cheyenne, and Sheridan have their own HVAC licensing requirements for the journeyman, master, and contractor levels. The requirements will vary from one city to another. Generally, you need the appropriate amount of experience and get a passing score on the exams.

The examination for all levels are the same and is supervised by the International Code Council and given by the Wyoming Associated Municipalities. The latest bulletin, which was issued last April 2016, talks about general information regarding all trade exams in the state. To get more information, make sure you contact your local authorities or visit their official website for the application form.


EPA Certification

As outlined under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act, federal law requires everyone who wants to work with refrigerants to obtain an EPA certification which is given by the Environmental Protection Agency. There are three certification types to choose from: Type I for small units, Type II for high and very high-pressure units, and Type III for low-pressure units. Meanwhile, if you want to service all three, you can instead obtain a Universal certification.

Type I certification is the easiest to get. However, we suggest going for Type II and III, or even the Universal certification, if you want to have more flexibility. EPA certification has no expiration, so you can use it for a lifetime.

You can find more information about EPA certification here. If you want to work with AC units in cars and other vehicles, you should get a Section 609 certification. However, if you have a Type II certification, you’re already covered. This is not a Wyoming HVAC certification, but a national one that you can use anywhere.



While there’s no Wyoming HVAC certification and licensing requirement, make sure you check your locality for other requirements, as there are usually a few.

As an entry-level technician, you can earn $16.50 per hour up to $33 or even more. Hence, if you want a profitable career with a lot of job opportunities, consider becoming an HVAC technician.

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