HVAC Certification Overview

What HVAC Insurance Does A Contractor Need?

Whether you are choosing an HVAC contractor to install a new heating and air conditioning system, to handle HVAC service or repair of your existing system, or for any other reason, make sure your HVAC contractor is fully insured.  Your HVAC contractor’s insurance is there to protect you in the event of an accident or injury.  It is also an indication that the contractor is a professional, reputable contractor that plans on being in business for many years. If they have no HVAC insurance, seek another contractor, as the last thing you want is large bill for a simple inexpensive task.


Your contractor should have two types of HVAC insurance:  liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.  Liability insurance covers any damage caused to your property or a neighbour’s property by the contractor.  Workman’s compensation insurance will pay for injuries or lost wages incurred by the contractor’s employees while working on your property.


Without these two types of HVAC insurance, you would be on the hook if anything happened.  If one of the contractor’s employees sustained a back injury, slips and falls, or has some other injury while working at your home, you would be liable for their medical bills and lost wages.  Similarly, if the contractor damaged your neighbor’s house, you would be responsible.

Your homeowner’s insurance would probably cover the damages, but you would have to pay the deductible and deal with the claims process.  The bottom line is that a responsible, reputable HVAC contractor who cares about their customers and their employees will make sure that everyone is protected in the event of an accident or injury by maintaining adequate liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. We hope it is obvious now why HVAC insurance is so important.