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West Virginia HVAC Certification

To start a career as an HVAC contractor in the state of West Virginia, you should first obtain your West Virginia HVAC certification which will allow you to install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems. However, before you can obtain your license, you should first complete the trade exam and the business and law exam. Both examinations are conducted in a physical setting, and you need to get a passing score of at least 70%.


Taking the Examination

The good thing is, you as a contractor doesn’t necessarily need to take the exam yourself. You can appoint a qualifying agent to do it for you given that he has met the qualifications. Additionally, you should submit your employment security coverage, a proof of worker’s compensation, and your tax registration.

Upon receiving your West Virginia HVAC certification and contractor’s license, you will be able to use it for conducting HVAC-related projects in West Virginia for one year. The examination is a means of testing your knowledge and experience in the field of HVAC. These include proper installation and maintenance of HVAC units in both commercial and residential properties, extensive analysis of temperature control mechanisms, air quality, and humidity levels, and clear understanding of heating and refrigeration systems.

As a technician, you should have at least 2,000 hours of HVAC-related experience and training on HVAC systems. Aside from this, you should also have at least 6,000 hours of experience/training in HVAC systems and related work in the sheet metal industry. You should then send a list of your employers and customers whom you’ve worked with.

To help prepare for the examination, these are the information you should know:

  • You are given 84 questions which should be answered within 3 hours
  • Topics include code requirements, controls, ducting, general regulations, fuel systems, insulating, load calculations, piping, and safety
  • You need to pay a $42 examination fee
  • The required passing score is 70%

To schedule your exam, contact ProV through their hotline: 1-866-720-7768.

For further study, these are the following reference books you should use:

  • 2012 International Mechanical Code
  • HVAC Basics for Contractors
  • Residential Comfort Systems Installation Standards Manual, 7th Edition



License Application

To apply for a West Virginia HVAC certification and license, you should first obtain an application form. To do so, simply call the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board at 1-877-558-5134. You need to pay $90 for the application fee. If the application is made by a company, you need a copy of the certificate of authority which can be obtained from the office of West Virginia’s Secretary of State along with your application.


These are some information that may help you:


West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board at (304) 558-7890


West Virginia Division of Labor

Contractor Licensing Board

State Capital Complex, Bldg. 9, Rm. 749

Charleston, WV 25305




200 Association Drive, Suite 190

Charleston, WV 25311

866-720-7768 or 304-414-0190 Ext.4 (Locally)


EPA Certification

If you want to work with refrigerants in the state, you are required to get an EPA certification under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. This is mandated by federal law and applies to all states throughout the US. Like obtaining your HVAC certification and license, you also need to take and pass an examination. Also, you should choose the type of certification depending on which appliances you want to handle.



Starting a career as an HVAC technician in West Virginia is no doubt an excellent choice. However, if you want to become an HVAC contractor, you need to obtain a West Virginia HVAC certification and license. HVAC technicians, on the other hand, doesn’t require any license; however, they should only work under a licensed contractor.

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