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Washington HVAC Certification

Did you ever consider pursuing a career as an HVAC technician? In case you’re wondering, the field of HVAC is quite a lucrative one. With tons of job opportunities and a higher-than-average income, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider this career. All you need is to get the required HVAC training and Washington HVAC certification.

If you’re from Washington, the annual average salary is a lot higher when compared to the national average. Moreover, there are several options you can choose from to become an HVAC technician. This article aims to cover them all.


HVAC Training

To learn more about the ins and outs of the HVAC industry, you are required to undergo HVAC training. Among the topics you can learn during training includes proper HVAC installation and maintenance along with some rules and regulations which you should comply. You’ll also learn about the federal, state, and local laws as well as safety equipment handling procedures.

Other topics you can learn during an HVAC training are as follows:

  • ACR tubing
  • Ergonomics
  • Duct sizing
  • Mechanical code
  • Refrigerant handling
  • Best practices
  • Customer relations
  • Natural gas piping
  • Sheet metal operation

Through the program, you can get yourself prepared for Washington HVAC certification and licenses in the state. Technically, you need all the knowledge and experience you can get to pass the licensing examination.


Training Schools in the State

There are lots of institutions in Washington State that offer HVAC training programs. One of them is the HVAC School which provides specialized courses for each HVAC field such as the Heat Pump Fundamentals and Gas Furnace Troubleshooting course or the Air Conditioning course.

However, if you can’t attend a training program due to time constraints or a current job, you can instead opt for an online HVAC training program. Most online programs you can find are focused on obtaining a Washington HVAC certification. They even offer exam preparations for the EPA certification.


Washington HVAC Certification Requirements

Washington State is one of the few that doesn’t have a license requirement to work in the HVAC industry. However, you are required to obtain an electrical license. There are two types of electrical licenses in Washington State: trainee level and journey level.

Trainee level has no prior requirements to meet, while journey level is necessary if you want to work as a solo HVACR technician. As a trainee, you should work under a journey or master level electrician’s guidance. Your license will be valid for two years, and you need to attend 24 hours of class every year if you want to renew your license. For more information, simply check the state’s License and Inspections department.

Meanwhile, as a journey level electrician, you can either take the general journey course which features all fields of specialty or just focus on areas that are related to HVAC. You can find two types of journey certifications that apply to the HVAC field namely 6A and 6B.

If you want to obtain a gas piping license, you will have to take a separate exam. But before you can do so, you should have a certificate of completion from an accredited gas piping mechanic glass, be a licensed plumber, and have a minimum of 6 months of experience as an unlicensed worker under a gas piping mechanic’s supervision or as a gas piping mechanic. Other locations may also have their own requirements, so it’s highly recommended to inquire your local office first.


HVAC Salary Expectations

As an HVAC technician in Washington State, you can earn an average hourly rate of $26.09 per hour. This is a bit higher than the national average. Meanwhile, the initial rate starts at $15.21 which can go up to $42.48.

On average, you can earn around $54,280 per year. The initial annual salary is $31,630 which can go up to $88,360 for more experienced techs. When you compare the hourly rates of HVAC technicians in Washington State to that of the national rate which is $13.83 to $30.19 and an annual range of $30,213 to $71,242, the income that HVAC technicians earn in the state is still higher.


The Bottomline

There’s no doubt that the field of HVAC is a really lucrative industry. As far as growth expectancy and job opportunities go, it’s considered one of the highest. Thus, if you’re from Washington State, you can certainly notice the booming industry of HVAC.

Like any other jobs, working as an HVAC technician requires a bit of time and effort, especially during the learning process and obtaining the right Washington HVAC certification and license. However, with the lucrative income you can earn, it’ll be definitely worth it in the end.

If you’re eager to pursue the career of an HVAC technician in the area, we recommend inquiring with your local office first.

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