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Pennsylvania HVAC Certification and Training

Are you a person who is technically minded and into electronic equipment assembly? Then the role of an HVAC technician is ideal for you. The HVAC industry is a profitable and growing market especially in the state of Pennsylvania. It is no surprise why many people are interested in the field of HVAC. However, if you are planning to be a part of the industry, professional training should be put into consideration as well as Pennsylvania HVAC certification. The potential of accelerating your career would be high if training and learning on the job are first obtained.

In this article, you will find detailed training information, HVAC technician salary, job prospects, and options for HVAC certification that are subjected to the state of Pennsylvania.

An Overview of Your HVAC Training

The most important aspects to learn about being an HVAC technician will be encountered in the training. Basically, this includes learning how to recognize issues and how to examine the parts with the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Your main responsibility as a technician is to install, repair, and maintain HVAC and refrigeration systems. Therefore, your training would highly emphasize that. You will also learn about federal, state, and local legal legislations since law compliance should be observed when doing your job. During your training, you will learn how to utilize ventilation systems efficiently to avoid the occurrence of the sick building syndrome, where workers become ill due to poor ventilation.

Other specifications in the HVAC training include duct sizing, refrigerant handling, mechanical coding, ACR tubing, ergonomics, etc. Most schools provide various Pennsylvania HVAC certifications that are important and required for HVAC technicians to prove their credibility in the career industry.

Your Job Prospects

HVAC technicians are highly in demand in the state of Pennsylvania and are actually ranked 5th among the top HVAC employment states. The HVAC industry, at present, has been growing even more. That is why there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to HVAC career education in Pennsylvania.

Among the best career schools are the Brightwood Career Institute, FORTIS College, and YTI Career Institute. All of them offers a comprehensive training in HVAC technology with their own specializations and have different locations scattered throughout the state. The career schools mentioned above are just one of the few opportunities for learning the trade in the state of Pennsylvania.

Your options for Pennsylvania HVAC certification

 Presently, most contractors in the state of Pennsylvania do not require any Pennsylvania HVAC certification or licensure. Although there are some cities that may ask for a contractor license before you are allowed to repair, alter, or install HVAC systems within the city. Depending on your projects, certain certifications and licenses might be needed. The most important HVAC certifications and licenses include Home Improvement Contractors Registrations, Municipal Certification and Licencee, Asbestos and Lead Removal Certification, Manufactured Housing Installers Certification, etc. These certifications can be obtained by enrolling in the state’s qualified HVAC career schools and programs.

 The average salary for HVAC technicians

 In Pennsylvania, the average wage per hour for HVAC technicians is $22.12. The starting HVAC salary, on the other hand, is $14.02 and that can easily go up to $31.56. On average, the salary of HVAC technicians per year is about $46,000. As you become more experienced in the field, you can earn up to $65,640 per year, sometimes even more.

The state’s average salary for HVAC technicians is a little higher compared to other states.  The average wage in other states or countries is $21.24 per hour, while the average wage per hour in Pennsylvania is $22.12. Still, the salary for an HVAC technician may vary depending on the company you’re working under and your experience.

Final Thoughts

 The state of Pennsylvania has a strong demand and a rapidly growing market for skilled HVAC technicians and workers. This is because the state has needs for HVAC systems. Its hot and cold climate allows HVAC and refrigeration systems to be an important aspect in both commercial and residential complexes.

The need for skilled HVAC technicians in the state is continuing to grow even more. This provides the opportunity for skilled HVAC technicians to have a stable and secure job. It is for this reason that getting your specialized HVAC training now may be the perfect time to do so, especially if you are in the state of Pennsylvania.

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