HVAC Schools

Ohio HVAC Training Schools

There will always be a need for HVAC technicians in our society. With this constant need comes an abundance of schools that offer HVAC training and opportunities to enter this promising line of work. A number of HVAC training schools can be found throughout Ohio.

Kaplan College – Ohio HVAC Training School

Phone Number: (937) 294-6155

Kaplan College offers the bare essentials of HVAC training. At Kaplan, students in the HVAC program are taught on a curriculum based on real-life HVAC work, so as to prepare the students to enter the profession upon completion of the course. This includes air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and electricity. The HVAC course is a one to two year course, and the average tuition at Kaplan is around $33,500. Fortunately, Kaplan College offers many forms of financial aid to help with their steep tuition.

Kaplan College has four campuses in Ohio (Dayton, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Columbus).

Main Campus:

2745 Winchester Pike
Columbus, OH 43232

Fortis College – Ohio HVAC Training School

Phone Number: (513) 771-2795


With locations in Centerville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cuyahoga Falls, and Ravenna, Fortis College sports a basic HVAC training program. Fortis’s year-long HVAC program places students in a comfortable work environment that will prepare them for the actual conditions and environment of working as a full-time HVAC technician. Students will learn about the basics (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration). Extra related courses are available, such as an Environmental Awareness course and a class that covers the basics of electricity. One can expect the tuition at Fortis to be around $22,400. Fortis is generous with its financial aid opportunities, however.

Vatterott College – Ohio HVAC Training Schools

Phone Number: (440) 526-1660


Located solely in Cleveland, Ohio, Vatterott College is special in that the only programs available are HVAC and construction related. Students can complete a one to two year long course that will prepare them to enter the HVAC field, the electrician field, or the construction field. For a tuition fee of around $22,400, students are placed in an intensive, hands-on course that will provide them with the skills and tools necessary to succeed in an HVAC career. As expected, Vatterott comes with financial aid in the form of scholarships and student loans.

Every HVAC training school in Ohio has its pros and cons, and may work better for some people than for others. Each program’s degree will practically ensure you an entry-level position and the skills to climb up the HVAC career ladder.