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New York HVAC Certification and Careers

New York is no doubt a large state, so you would certainly think that it has strict requirements when it comes to New York HVAC certification and licensing. However, that is actually not the case. In fact, there are no state-wide licensing requirements if you choose to follow the career path of an HVAC professional in the state.


On average, you can earn over $24 an hour in HVAC salary. Newbie technicians, on the other hand, can earn a decent hourly rate of $15 per hour! While there are tons of career choices with a decent income in the state, taking the path as an HVAC professional is an excellent choice, especially if you’re tired of dealing with temperature extremes all year long.


Local Requirements


While there are no state-wide New York HVAC certification or licensing requirement, it is still advisable to inquire your local offices. After all, each locality has its own set of rules and regulations that govern HVAC-related works.


New York City doesn’t have any license requirement for an HVAC technician. Buffalo, on the other hand, provides licenses for their heating contractors. For more details, you may contact their City Hall.


EPA Certification


EPA certification is a mandatory requirement throughout the US if you choose to work with refrigerants. It is outlined under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act by the Environmental Protection Agency. There are various certification types you can get. Type I License, for example, is the easiest certification you can acquire, although you are limited to servicing small appliances.


If you want to work on all types of appliances, you can apply for the Universal License. The best thing about EPA certification is that it doesn’t expire. For AC units in cars or motor vehicles, you will need EPA Section 609 certification.




With a huge number of commercial and residential buildings in New York, you can find a variety of projects to handle. These could range from residential properties in urban and rural areas to larger buildings and skyscrapers. The state is one of the best to pursue a career in HVAC as a technician, due to the fact as we mentioned before, there are no New York HVAC certification requirements.

Regardless of where you are in the state, you can certainly find a lot of great opportunities in the field.

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