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Nebraska HVAC Certification and Careers

Nebraska has a lot of good things going on for HVAC technicians. For one, you can expect to earn decent income which starts at an hourly rate of $14 per hour. Experienced technicians, on the other hand, can expect to earn around $44,000 per year in HVAC salary. The best thing is that Nevada HVAC certification isn’t that complicated. There are only a few requirements you need to comply with. This makes it ideal for those who want to avoid tons of paperwork just to get started on this career path. Moreover, as an HVAC technician, you are not required to obtain a license.


Nebraska HVAC Certification and Licensing for Contractors


If you start as an HVAC contractor and start your own business, you are required to register under the Nebraska Contractor Registration act. If you hire people to work under your supervision, you need to submit an ACORD 25, likewise known as the Worker’s Compensation Certificate of Insurance.


This certification is really important if you want to continue running your business.


You can find further information regarding the registration process at the Department of Labor’s official website. Keep in mind, however, that this process is mainly for business registration. After all, there are no HVAC certification requirements or examinations that you need to follow throughout the state.

HVAC EPA Certification

EPA Certification

While there are no licensing requirements, you are required to obtain an EPA certification in case you want to handle refrigerants. This is mandated by the federal law under EPA Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. There are certain levels of EPA certification to choose from depending on the appliances you’ll be handling.


Meanwhile, if you handle refrigerants in cars and other vehicles, you will need EPA section 609 certification.


There’s a stable demand for HVAC technicians throughout Nebraska. If you think this is the career for you, then you should start as an apprenticeship then work your way up. You don’t need any Nebraska HVAC certification or licenses, so starting wouldn’t be that complicated. Eventually, as you gain more experience, you may then decide to start your own business. Good luck!

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