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Louisiana HVAC Certification Guide

Following the career path of an HVAC technician is considered an excellent option if you want to earn a sizeable income in the state of Louisiana. With rising demands and a lucrative income, working as an HVAC tech essentially allows you to become your own boss. However, you need to undergo training and certain processes as well as getting yourself licensed first. We’re going to talk about Louisiana HVAC certification in this article.

Licensing Requirement

Before you can work in the HVAC career field in Louisiana, you need to get yourself a Louisiana HVAC certification and license. Since the demand for efficient cooling in the state is high due to temperature extremes, the need for HVAC technicians is high as well.

There are two types of training available for you to choose from. Each of them differs in the way the training process is handled. Nonetheless, they should give you the experience and education you need to proceed to the next levels of your career. They are as follows:

  1. Traditional Training

Traditional training is basically the most typical path that HVAC individuals can take towards getting your HVAC certification and license. It involves enrolling in a vocational school or starting out as an apprentice. You can find a number of vocational institutions that provide HVAC training programs to individuals. Those programs include refrigeration and electrical courses apart from the basic air conditioning and heating courses.

You can easily find a nearby training school anywhere between Shreveport to Baton Rouge. By learning the trade, you can successfully pass an examination that will allow you to become licensed in the state. Likewise, you can receive a degree from your community college.

  1. Alternative Training

The alternative setting is an option for those who don’t prefer the traditional setting. You can work under a licensed technician or journeyman with Louisiana HVAC certification to gain the required experience and education. In order to pass the licensing examination, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of air conditioning and heating repair, maintenance, and installation.

By working under the supervision of an experienced and licensed technician, you can often learn knowledge which can’t be normally found in a textbook. Also, you will be able to learn how the HVAC business and industry work.

To start your HVAC apprenticeship, you should register yourself in the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s Apprenticeship Division. You should also be at least 18 years of age and provide a high school diploma or an equivalent document.

While under apprenticeship, you will undergo programs that will last somewhere around 2 to 5 years. You are also required to complete 144 hours of education in a classroom every year. You are required to provide your own tools and books. There’s also an application process which you should follow. If chosen, you need to display outstanding performance if you want to get your HVAC certification and license. However, there might be some cases where you can acquire college credit while training as an apprentice.

An HVAC apprenticeship training is just one of the many occupations you can find in Louisiana. You might be one of the applicants who will have the good fortune to secure an available apprenticeship opportunity. While under training, you can learn essential information while also getting paid at the same time. If your performance significantly improves, so does your wages!

HVAC projects that are worth more than $50,000 including materials and labor will require a commercial contractor or subcontractor license. To get your license, you should:

  • Get a passing score in the exams
  • Complete your commercial application
  • Submit a financial statement that shows at least $10,000 net worth in the last year

The Examination Process

To take the Louisiana HVAC certification exam, you need to pay a licensing fee of $120. You need to take both the Business and Law Exam as well as the trade exam if you want to get your HVAC contractor license in the state.

The examination is administered by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors’ Department of Examinations and Assessment. Once your application is approved, you are then provided further notice along with instructions regarding how you can schedule yourself for the exam. They will send you an email along with your exam schedule and location. You should be personally present at the testing center.

If you failed, you will have to pay another $120 for a retake. Also, you should wait for 30 days before you can get another attempt. You will receive a notice on how you can register for your succeeding attempts.

The online Business and Law exam is open book. There’s no need to register in advance. Also, the exam is a series of multiple-choice questions which are based on the Contractor’s Guide to Business, Law and Project Management.

The trade exam, or more specifically the Air Conditioning Work, Ventilation, Refrigeration, and Duct Work exam, is a series of 100 multiple choice questions in a closed book setting. You are allocated five hours to answer all questions.

There are five sections covered by the exam, namely:

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Piping Systems and Hydronics comprising 26% of the exam
  • HVAC and Refrigerations Systems for another 26%
  • Project Management, Estimating, and Plan Reading which is 20%
  • Air Distribution Systems and Ventilations which is 18%
  • Instrumentation, controls, and balancing which covers 10%

This examination is administered by the Department of Examinations and Assessment. To pass the exam successfully, you should have knowledge regarding air conditioning and modern refrigeration. For preparation, you can refer to the Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning book.

You should also familiarize yourself with the 2012 International Mechanical Code and the Trane Air Conditioning Manual. For additional references, you can use Managing the Construction Process and the MCAA Project Manager’s Manual.

Where to Take the Exams

You can find ten testing centers in community colleges all throughout Louisiana. Alternatively, you can take the exam at the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors in LSU-Alexandria or Baton Rouge. Just make sure you bring a government-issued photo ID and your Social Security number when you head to the testing center.

By now we hope you fully understand the requirements behind Louisiana HVAC certification, and understand what you need to do to pursue your HVAC career as a technician.

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