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Kentucky HVAC Certification Guide

The demand for professionals in the HVAC field in Kentucky has been at an all-time high. But before you can perform any HVAC-related works throughout the state, you should first obtain a Kentucky HVAC certification and licenses. Also, the HVAC certification process has certain requirements such as basic training and education, hours of work experience, and a proper skillset.

On average, you can earn an HVAC salary of $14 per hour, while senior technicians can earn up to $32 per hour. This equates to an estimated annual income of $31,000 to $75,000. In this article, we’re going to talk about the processes involved in obtaining your HVAC certification and license. We’ll also discuss the requirements to get your Kentucky HVAC certification, the EPA requirements necessary if you want to work as an HVAC professional, and the examination process.

Requirements for Obtaining an HVAC Technician License

An HVAC technician license allows you to legally perform HVAC repair and installation in the state of Kentucky. Those who are under apprenticeship are not required to have a license, but they should register under the Division of HVAC of the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction. They should be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, they should be under a master HVAC contractor’s supervision.

An HVAC technician license will allow you to perform various HVAC-related works. However, the level you want to achieve will require an additional educational qualification requirement along with hours of apprenticeship and a passing score at examinations. Afterward, you may begin as a journeyman or master level technician.

To become a journeyman or master level technician, you should have a minimum of two years working experience. However, it only credits experience obtained after January 1, 1990. Also, it should be obtained while under the tutelage of a licensed HVAC contractor.

Alternatively, you can use a trade education in lieu of a maximum of one-year working experience.


Limited Journeyman HVAC Duct Mechanic

If you’re a journeyman having a limited journeyman HVAC duct mechanic’s license can perform work under a master HVAC contractor’s supervision. Basically, this license allows you to perform ductwork-related projects.


Limited Journeyman HVAC Installer Mechanic

As a journeyman having a limited journeyman HVAC installer mechanic’s license, you can repair and install HVAC systems while under the guidance of a master HVAC contractor.


Journeyman HVAC Mechanic

Having a license as a journeyman HVAC mechanic allows you to maintain, install, repair, and remodel HVAC systems to meet the requirements set by the Kentucky HVAC Codes and Standards.

As a journeyman mechanic, you can perform independent work within your license’s range. Moreover, you should work under a master HVAC contractor’s supervision.


Master HVAC Contractor

By acquiring a master HVAC contractor’s license, you can take on HVAC contracts and projects. As a master HVAC contractor, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements set by the Kentucky HVAC law, codes, and regulations.

You should provide a certified application that proves you are at least 18 years old. Additionally, you must show proof that you have been in the HVAC trade for at least 2 years while under the direct guidance of a master level HVAC contractor.

You are also required to get a passing score in the Business and Law examination. As an HVAC contractor, you get a general liability insurance of at least $500,000. However, before you can get your license, you should first undergo apprenticeship, complete relevant training and education, and make sure that you pass a licensure examination. Once you obtain a license, you should finish eight hours of continuing education in order to renew it.


The Examination Process

Right before we delve deeper into the testing process, you should first know the tools and processes you should prepare for the exam. They are as follows:

  • There are a total of 60 questions in the Journeyman exam and a duration of 3 hours.
  • For the Master exam, you are given 2.5 hours to answer all 75 questions.
  • A passing score of 70% is required.
  • You should pay the $60 examination fee.

You may also buy a few practice tests and study the following books to prepare in advance:

  • 2009 NFPA 54
  • 2012 International Mechanical Code
  • Kentucky Contractor’s Reference Manual
  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

The examination is proctored by ICC (1-800-211-2754).

License Application Process

You also need to pay a $50 application fee. Meanwhile, for the master license, you should pay $250. You should then submit your application to this address:

Division of HVAC101 Sea Hero Road Suite 100Frankfort, KY 40601Phone: 502-573-0395 ext 128Fax: 502-573-1401

Make sure make the check payable to Kentucky State Treasurer, otherwise the whole package might be returned to you. As soon as you have completed and passed the exam and received your license, you should complete 8 hours of Continuing Education to renew your license.

EPA Certification Requirements

Because refrigerants are quite hazardous if not handled properly, the Environmental Protection Agency requires any HVAC worker who wants to handle refrigerants to pass an examination and obtain an EPA certification. There are various types of Kentucky HVAC certification that vary depending on the type of equipment you want to handle.

Once you successfully passed and completed the exam, you will then obtain an EPA 608 certification. You also need to complete an examination respective of the appliance type you want to handle.

If you want to handle all types of equipment, you can go for the fourth EPA certification which is referred to as Universal Certification. With this certification, you can repair, install, and properly get rid of all equipment types regardless of the type of its refrigerants. This is not just a Kentucky HVAC certification, but a nationwide one.

Starting your HVAC Technician Career in Kentucky

After successfully getting your Kentucky HVAC certification, you may start working as a certified technician in the state. Basically, your job will involve dealing with electrical units and equipment. Also, you are required to attend formal training programs which could go from six months to two years. Additionally, you can choose to work on smaller tasks or tackle large-scale projects.

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