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Indiana HVAC Certification Guide

Working as an HVAC technician in Indiana can provide you with a sizeable income. Initially, you can expect a salary rate of $12.42 per hour. As you rise through the ranks, you can get to an average of $20.22 per hour rate. Meanwhile, those who are vastly experienced in the HVAC industry can earn a whopping $33 per hour or even more. Usually these people have Indiana HVAC certification, but not always


After all, the state of Indiana is home to a diverse landscape which essentially means the presence of diverse temperatures as well. Along with the temperature extremes during summer and winter seasons comes the huge demand for HVAC technicians. Let’s find out how you can get yourself licensed with Indiana HVAC certification and start on this career.


Indiana Licensing Requirements


In Indiana, you don’t need any special licensing if you work as an HVAC contractor or technician. However, most of the local governments have their own different requirements. Therefore, it’s ideal to consult with your locality before you even conduct any HVAC project.


The state’s capital, Indianapolis, for example, requires HVAC professionals to have their own license. If you plan to do HVAC work in the city, you need to pass a Prometric exam and qualify for the licensing process. You also need to comply with other additional requirements set by the Board of Heating and Cooling Examiners.


Indianapolis and the rest of Marion County have five different license classes which are as follows:


  • Air Conditioning “A” – an unrestricted license
  • Air Conditioning “B’ – a license that will allow you to tackle cooling units limited to 25 tons, boiler pressures below 15 psig steam and 30 psig water, or heating units limited to 500,000 BTUs
  • Air Conditioning “D” – this license allows you to handle cooling units of up to 5 tons and heating units of up to 300,000 BTUs
  • High-Pressure Steam
  • Refrigeration units


You can check the country’s official website for more detailed information about the HVAC Contractor License in the county.

HVAC EPA Certification

Getting EPA Certified


To handle refrigerants, you will need an EPA certification, so this isn’t an Indiana HVAC certification, but a nationwide one, under EPA Section 608. You have four classes to choose from based on which unit you want to work with. They are:


  • Type I
  • Type II
  • Type III
  • Universal


The fourth class, Universal, covers all three classes. An EPA certification is required throughout the US if you plan to handle refrigerants. Make sure you refer to Section 608 for the requirements and licensing process.




Indiana is ripe with HVAC certification opportunities. Before you engage in the trade, make sure you start as an HVAC apprentice or acquire relevant training and education first.


Not only will it help you learn the basics, but it can also make you appear more attractive to any potential employer. While Indiana doesn’t have a statewide licensing requirement, most localities have, so be sure to check them first. We hope you now have a better understanding of Indiana HVAC certification requirements. If you live near the state boarder with either Illinois, or Kentucky, make sure you check out their state certifications as well.