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Illinois HVAC Certification and Career Guide

Working as an HVAC technician in the state of Illinois will allow you to enjoy a decent base HVAC salary which can quickly go up with hands on experience. The base hourly rate is at $13.70 per hour which can go up to as much as $36.50 per hour. This could easily mean an annual salary of $76,000!


The best thing about working as an HVAC technician in Illinois is that you don’t need to be licensed by the state, in other words there is no Illinois HVAC certification required. While each of the cities have their own rules and regulations, licensing, certification, or examination is not required on a statewide basis.


Illinois Licensing


There are only a few licensing requirements implemented statewide. Aside from not having an HVAC licensing requirement across the state, there’s no statewide licensing requirement for electricians and contractors as well. There are, however, regulations implemented by each county or city.


But still, even the biggest city which is Chicago doesn’t have an HVAC license. Instead, you can find licenses for a Plumber’s Apprentice, Plumbing Contractor, and a Supervising Electrician. The licensing process is administered by Continental Testing in Chicago. Some might seem shocked that there is no Illinois HVAC certification, but that’s just how the state wants it.


Business Licensing


Despite the absence of HVAC license requirement and Illinois HVAC certification, you will still need to get your business license and register with the state if you want to open your own HVAC company. You have two options to choose from:


  • Submit your registration online
  • Download and register a form which you can find at the Illinois Department of Revenue website


This is required for for your state taxes. Also, your local authority might need you to have a business license.


Getting EPA Certified


The Environment Protection Agency is a federal organization which encompasses all states around the US. Section 608 of the Clean Air Act mandates that every technician who wants to handle refrigerants should first pass the EPA certification test and obtain an EPA Certification.


This certification will guarantee that you have the right knowledge and training to handle, seal, and recycle refrigerants.




Illinois is rather welcoming when it comes to trade licenses when you want to pursue an HVAC career. At the state level, there are almost no licensing and Illinois HVAC certification requirements at all. In fact, you can start working as an HVAC technician given that you have the right experience and education on the field.


Even in major cities like Chicago, you can’t expect too many requirements compared to other states. However, make sure you check with your own county or city since rules and regulations may vary from one place to another. If you plan on crossing into either Indiana, or Missouri, make sure to study up on their HVAC certification requirements as well.