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HVAC Training Online

HVAC training online can lead to an exciting career in a field that is always in-demand.

Included in HVAC training online are courses to help you develop the skills needed to install HVAC systems; connect and adjust thermostats, even the most technologically advanced; perform check-ups and preventative maintenance; troubleshoot issues and identify inoperative parts causing the problem and install the replacement parts; upgrade climate control systems; upgrade systems; and install complete systems in brand new residential or commercial construction projects.

The licensing requirements for HVAC technicians and engineers vary from state to state. There are even a couple of states that  allow people to work as HVAC contractors without any type of credentials, but most states require some type of  licensure to do business. The Federal Government passed a law requiring anyone in any state to have a Universal EPA license in order to work on system s in commercial structures.

During HVAC training online you will learn that the regulatory agencies are concerned about reclaiming certain types of refrigerant from systems. These types of refrigerant harm the ozone in the atmosphere, resulting in planetary greenhouse heating problems. The means by which HVAC units create the sensation of cooling in the sultry summer and warmth during chilled periods will be completely explained as well as the aspect of electrical wiring and automated, computerized thermostats.

After completing your HVAC training and obtaining the licenses required for your state of residence, you will find employers welcome your application or resume. Because of population density, you’ll find most employment opportunities are located in or near the metropolitan centers in your region. There are jobs in the HVAC technician or engineer, contractor in small communities as well, but the opportunities will be reduced in parallel with the reduction in population. You might find that after a few years of experience in the HVAC arena, you want to venture out on your own and start your own business

Currently wages are experiencing low ebb due to economics but HVAC professionals can still expect to earn a good income. If working by the hour, you can expect to start your career in the range of $15 to $25 per hour, depending on the location of the business and work site. This is a great incentive to complete your HVAC training online.