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HVAC Technician Salary Depends on Having the Right Skills

In today’s job market, cut-throat competition is prevalent, and therefore, compared to a few years ago, it has become more difficult to earn a steady livelihood. The same is true about HVAC technicians whose career path is promising only if you are properly trained and skilled. Job prospects for HVAC technicians are excellent in every sense of the word. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for HVAC technician to grow over the decade, with new job opportunities popping up owing to advances in technology as well as environmental awareness.

HVAC Pay Rate / Salary Information

According to an official report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2008, there were around 308,000 HVAC professional technicians in America. Many of these are still self-employed, preferring to be their own masters. Others are more prudent and consider it a safer career path to offer their services to an employment agency. HVAC Pay in such agencies is promising as they are contractors for various services like air conditioning, plumbing, and heating. It is common for an HVAC technician salary to be $40,000 a year working under a contractor.

The average HVAC technician salary can be broken down for better understanding. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on an average, HVAC technicians make an annual salary of $44,860! Because this is the average, most experienced technicians earn a lot more than the number suggests. Although an hourly wage of $21.57 is the average rate for any nature of job, HVAC Pay of technicians working at a higher level can be as much as $66,000 annually.

Entry-level HVAC technicians who are fresh out of their apprenticeship get around $26,490 per year on average. Of course, these numbers vary based on variables such as location because of the factors of supply and demand. Service technicians generally generate an even higher income because of the frequency of their work. It is possible to determine the average salary of an HVAC technician based on their industry and job title.

Though many HVAC technicians prefer to work independently, common employers include contractors and commercial service centers. For building equipment contractors, the average HVAC technician salary is $43,600. Those employed by ‘direct selling’ establishments generate, on average, a salary of $46,170. While technicians working for commercial equipment repair and maintenance firms can earn as much as $45,970 per annum. HVAC technicians working for Motor Vehicle Manufacturers make the highest salary, with a whopping average annual profit of $66,180!

And It Doesn’t End There – Top Pay for Experienced HVAC Technicians

With considerable experience, the average HVAC technician salary can be increased with continuation of education and pursuit of further certifications. The average salary of an HVAC technician depends on a few determining factors the primary of which is their level of experience. A technician with 25 years of experience installing HVAC systems can understandably demand a higher rate compared to an entry-level technician fresh out of college.

Also, since the HVAC industry encompasses and integrates many specific forms of climate control technologies, such as solar energy and water heating, technicians specializing in newer technologies will face less competition and get a higher average HVAC pay compared to those specializing in older technologies.