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HVAC Energy Saving Tips

One of the biggest challenges facing Americans today is managing our energy consumption, this is why our HVAC energy saving tips guide is so useful.  Lower energy consumption means less dependence on foreign oil, lowered greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, and less urgency to turn to alternative energy sources such as nuclear, solar, or wind power all of which have great promise, but also great challenges of their own to overcome.


Lower energy consumption is also good for the environment and good for your wallet, this is another great reason for using our HVAC energy saving tips.  Here are a few heating and cooling tips you can use to do your part and to save money in the process.

  1. Change the air filter in your heat pump, furnace, or central air conditioner often.  Dirty filters reduce efficiency and cause your equipment to wear out sooner. If you do not know how, call a local HVAC contractor who can help.
  2. Use a programmable thermostat to reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption. A good HVAC technician can install one very quickly.
  3. Have an HVAC system efficiency analysis performed by good local certified HVAC contractor.  They can recommend a package of energy efficiency improvements for your HVAC system.
  4. Seal and weather strip around windows, doors, dryer vents, electrical outlets, and other areas where warm or cool air can escape from your home.
  5. Replace your old heating and cooling system with a new, energy efficient heat pump or high efficiency air conditioner and furnace.
  6. Add a layer of insulation to your attic.
  7. Have your heating and air conditioning system serviced at least annually, and preferably twice a year.  A well maintained system operates more efficiently.
  8. Install roofing materials with high solar reflectance such as high reflectance asphalt shingles or metal roofing.  Your attic and home will stay cooler in the summer.

To conclude, it is often smart to hire an HVAC contractor who is properly certified to come and asses your property. They will be able to give you the best advice with HVAC energy saving tips, and install and fix anything you need doing.