HVAC Apprenticeship

HVAC Apprentice Responsibilities

HVAC Apprentice Education

The first thing that a person aspiring to become an HVAC technician needs to do is to get HVAC certified. Now this can be done either online or through a college – whatever is easier for the individual. It is important to realize that there is no difference in the level of expertise offered in either paths of education.

Once you have got HVAC certification, you need to get some hands on training in the field. There is no better way to learn the tricks of the trade then to do an apprenticeship with a certified HVAC technician.

HVAC Apprentice Job Responsibilities

Becoming an HVAC apprentice is no easy task. It is a job that requires a person to fulfill a lot of responsibilities if they ever wish to become successful in the field. Some of these responsibilities of an HVAC technician are mentioned below an apprentice would be learning the hands on application of these items in the filed under an experienced HVAC journeyman:

  • An apprentice must follow all of the directions that are given to them by their supervising officers.
  • An apprentice must be able to effectively communicate with all the staff involved on a project as to successfully complete the job.
  • An apprentice must be able to diagnose various problems or failures that may occur in any heating, ventilating, air conditioning or refrigeration unit that may occur.
  • They must be able to install any heating, ventilating, air conditioning or refrigeration unit that is required. They should also be able to install the complete systems, not just the units.
  • An apprentice must be able to maintain service and clean all the tools and equipment that is used by the technicians to ensure that the tools are clean and safe to use.
  • An apprentice must be able to operate various computerized systems that are used in the HVAC industry. These systems include cooling and heating settings, various system failures and the pump operations.
  • An apprentice must be able to prepare any writer document that is required of them. These documents include filling out work orders, supplies management and other various documentation.
  • An apprentice must be able repair the various HVAC systems and components.
  • An apprentice must be able to order supplies and various equipment as needed by the HVAC technicians in order to successfully complete their jobs.
  • An apprentice must be able to handle emergency situations should they ever arise.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. HVAC technicians are required to meet a whole set of responsibilities while they are doing their apprenticeship. However, all of this pays off when they have successfully become a fully qualified and experienced HVAC technician capable of working alone.