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How To Become an Air Conditioning HVAC Technician

Air Conditioning HVAC technicians are always in high demand given the fact that many homeowners are often in need of a technician when their air conditioners break down. To be a successful air conditioning technician you need to have a passion for fixing things and helping others. In addition, you’ll need proper air conditioning training from an accredited school as well as certification and a license. Local public libraries have books which can help you study for your state’s licensing exam and if you have a relative who is an air conditioning technician, you should get tips from him on how to prepare for this career.

While you’re still in high school it’s possible to get air conditioning training if your school offers an apprenticeship program in which you get to work as an air conditioning technician’s assistant for a few months. During the apprenticeship, you’ll get hands-on training and some lessons on how air conditioners work. Another thing you should do is take electives that pertain to this career such as woodworking, math electives, earth sciences and free enterprise if you plan to own an air conditioning repair company.

Once you’re out of high school it’s time to continue the air conditioning HVAC training by enrolling in an accredited school that offers courses in air conditioning repair. During your time in the program supplement your textbooks with instructional DVDs on air conditioner repair and read some home improvement articles on this topic. If you struggle with certain techniques and theories, you should ask your teachers and classmates for help. When it’s almost time to leave the program, you need to visit your state’s licensing board and find out what you need to do to apply for and get a license for your career.

After you completed your air conditioning HVAC courses and received the license to become an HVAC technician, the hard part begins. Even in this tough economy it’s possible to find work in this field. Contact friends who work in this line of work and ask them if there are job openings at their companies. Visit local online job boards and seek out positions there. Attend job fairs and bring a few copies of your resume.

For those who want to open a air conditioning HVAC repair company, it’s important to mention the air conditioning training you received when writing your business plans to get funds. Look for a location that is near a residential area since most of your customers will be homeowners. Promote your business by placing flyers around the neighbourhood and offering discount services. Someone is always in need of a good, well trained HVAC technician somewhere.