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Air Conditioning & Heating Systems are in High Demand

No matter if you live in a hot or cold environment, you would know the importance of heating and air conditioning systems. They are essential for life. You can’t work without them, you can’t sleep without them, you can’t even eat without them. From refrigerators to portable heaters, these are spread all over your home. Like electricity itself, these appliances have become an integral part of our lives and daily routine, and it’s impossible to live without them. That is why an HVAC career and attending an air conditioning school is a wise choice.

HVAC Systems Need to be Maintained

Where there is an electrical appliance, there are failures. This clarifies how important HVAC technicians are in our life. If an AC stops cooling or your heater doesn’t work, these technicians walk into your house like rock stars and solve all your problems. Can you imagine your life without an air conditioning technician? Your AC would die coughing and you can’t do anything but watch. Without them, your ease and comfort are completely destroyed. An air conditioning career is undoubtedly a rewarding and everlasting career.

How can you become an air conditioning technician?

Well the first step is to take training from an air conditioning school. Mostly, air conditioning and heating courses are offered as one certificate. Certificates usually last for about six months. However, if you go for more advanced associate training, it will take two years to complete. Common courses offered in an air conditioning school include electronics, equipment installation, construction, maintenance and repair. Sometimes air conditioning schools offer hands-on training but the opportunities are decreasing with time and changing economic situations.

There are some apprentice programs offered by unions. such as the National Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of America. They combine classroom training with practical work and take much longer time to complete – three to five years.

Do you need a license or certification to service Air Conditioning?

Before you start practicing, you need a license. Since HVAC systems are complex and dangerous, you can’t enter the profession without having a license. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides such type of licenses. These licenses however allow you to work with only particular types of equipment.

What air conditioning school is best for you?

There are different types of air conditioning schools that you can join to get air conditioning training. There are many things to look for in an air conditioning school before considering it for admission. The most important is that it is accredited by the government. If it is not, you may find difficulty in getting the license, which will eventually prolong your job search. There are other things to consider as well. Let’s explore different types of air conditioning schools with their features and requirements. For a listing of HVAC / Air Conditioning Schools in your state visit our HVAC school listings.

Community College Air Conditioning Courses

Those interested to work in the HVAC field can go to community colleges. These colleges are spread across the United States and provide accredited training to students. Community colleges offer programs that last at least two years. Students take specialized HVAC classes, Mathematics classes and other general courses that include safety, hand and power tools use and blue print reading.

Private Air Conditioning Schools

Another option to go for is private air conditioning schools. These schools specialize in HVAC training. However, there are problems with these specialized air conditioning schools. You will not find these schools in small towns and suburbs. They are only located in large cities, so if you wish to study at these air conditioning schools, you must find yourself an accommodation. This is definitely going to cost you more but there is one huge advantage. These specialized air conditioning schools offer courses on fast-track.

A course that usually takes two years to complete in a community college can be easily completed in less than a year in a private school.

One example is The Refrigeration School in Phoenix that offer programs that last for eight months. The Ultimate Technical Academy in Arkansas – a private air conditioning school – prepares you for the career in as few as five months. These schools are the best option for you if you wish to save some time. But they demand for big investments.

Online Air Conditioning Schools

Those students who cannot attend community colleges or private air conditioning schools due to their jobs can take advantage from the services of online schools. Online air conditioning schools provide more and less same courses and allow you to study online. These schools provide classes and other materials on DVDs which use textual and audio-visual content to explain concepts and practices of air conditioning.

These students miss one thing however. While students at community colleges and private schools get hands-on training, these students must find their own way to get practical training. There are a few apprentice programs available that can compensate for them. Practical training is usually required for licensing and must be taken in any case.